For the Smoking Enthusiast

First designed in 1968 by Axis Founder, Peter Gollobin

Our Story & Why the Axis 2000 products were invented:

When I was a boy, my father owned a machine shop where I became a Precision Machinist by the time I was 16. In 1967, at 21 years old, I graduated college with a Bachelor of Engineering degree, and worked for a large company as an Engineer designing high speed automation machinery. In 1968, at home, I designed and made the first AXIS clip using the brass tubing of a ballpoint pen refill. At that time, ball point pen refills were made of brass. I made the clip from a length of stainless steel spring wire. I then took some thin brass tying wire and tied the clip to the brass tubing. This is a picture of the original AXIS 2000 made in 1968. It worked great until the inside of the tubing got dirty, so I found a piece of steel rod that fit well inside the brass tubing and made a cleaning rod.


Made in the USA

It worked great, and I used them for many years. I thought of manufacturing them, and marketing them, but didn’t feel it was the right time. Hand rolled cigarettes were not that popular. Now that the laws have been changing and more people are smoking hand rolled cigarettes I started building machines to help make them so that we could produce them in quantity. I designed a mouth piece so that it would hold the back end of the clip instead of the brass tying wire and a front triangular piece to hold the front end of the clip.


I called it the AXIS because the cigarette is on the same axis as the clip whereas all the other “Alligator” type clips hold the cigarette at a right-angle to the clip, not on the same AXIS.


Peter obtained a US Patent for the clip (US Patent #9386804) and put it on the market in December 2014. In 2015 it was picked as one of the Hot New Products by High Times Magazine in their October printed issue.

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