Roach Clip & Carrying Case

AXIS Smoking Products are elegant and sophisticated smoking accessories for smoking enthusiasts and connoisseurs. Our products are made from 100% Polished Brass and Tempered Stainless Steel. Our smoking accessories are designed by an engineer with your health and enjoyment in mind. 

The AXIS Patented Smoking Clip is elegant to use, and cools your smoke as you finish the last part.   When finished, 100% of your preferred tobacco is used up, nothing is wasted.  Studies show that the last part of your cigarette is about 3-times as powerful as the first part, now you won’t waste anything. Our smell-proof Brass Carrying Case allows you to travel discreetly with one or two cigarettes and the AXIS Smoking Clip wherever you go.  Every piece is manufactured to very strict standards using only the very best materials. Handmade and individually inspected, all produced are made in the USA.


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