A complete smoking system

A complete smoking system

May 24, 2019

At AXIS we do things differently. Our innovative inventions have been designed by smokers, for smokers – with ease of use and convenience in mind.  We offer a simple and easy way to roll your cigarettes, and then an easy way to carry and smoke them…a Complete Smoking System.

As most hand-rolled cigarette smokers will know, everyone smokes slightly differently. It’s a personal thing – everyone’s got their own preference. But one thing we all have in common is a need for convenience. The advent of rolling machines promised to make rolling up quicker and simpler for smokers who prefer to go their own way rather than buy ready-made cigarettes. But even though the sole purpose of rolling machines is to make life easier, often they lie gathering dust as the user continues to roll manually. Why? Because actually other rolling machinescan make things more complicated. They require expensive add-ons, some require special papers or constant maintenance and don’t allow for personal preference.

How was the complete smoking system was developed?

Originally AXIS founder Peter Gollobin designed the AXIS Clip and Carrying Case, but he soon realised that many people don’t know how to hand roll a cigarette. “All available rolling machines at the time filled the tobacco right up to the end of the cigarette, without leaving space for the AXIS clip or filter at the end.” We wanted to create a complete smoking system – which operates seamlessly without the need to buy different products from different people.

Also, all the available rolling machines were very ugly and you needed something to prepare your tobacco on, and nobody offered that!  He wanted to design something practical and beautiful, a show piece for a desk or bookshelf.

Why do AXIS products go hand in hand?

Our products weren’t designed strictly separately – one gave rise to the other, so when we created them, they were made to work well together. 

Petersays: “I designed the AXIS Rolling Machine so people can roll their own cigarettes at home with their favourite tobacco, put two cigarettes into the Carrying Case with the AXIS Clip, and travel wherever they want.  Then easily insert the AXIS Clip into the end of the cigarette when they smoke it.  It's a whole smoking system giving people the ability to roll their own cigarettes at home, carry them where ever they go and have the AXIS Clip handy when they need it.”

Flexible solutions for unique smoking support 

So what else makes AXIS smoking products different to others? For starters, our focus is on flexibility and beauty. We don’t force you to buy expensive tubes or add-ons just to be able to roll your perfect cigarette. You don’t have to hide your Rolling Machine, it’s beautiful and made to be displayed to add to the beauty of your home. You’re in control – you choose the thickness, you choose the tobacco, you choose the filter or AXIS clip. 

The other benefit is low maintenance. Some machines require constant cleaning – after each use – to stay in tip-top condition. AXIS on the other hand requires very little cleaning. Also, don’t forget about the beautiful brass Trays so you have a neat place to prepare your tobacco without making a mess.

Buying our products together makes for a seamless smoking experience.To buy both roach clip and rolling machine shop the collection here.  






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