How to roll your own cigarette - step by step

How to roll your own cigarette - step by step

December 18, 2019

When you start rolling your own you’ll save money, and have greater freedom of choice. But with that comes a steep learning curve - a plethora of options to choose from. Here we share how to roll step by step - and a few easy hacks rookies can take advantage of. 

1/ Start with your paper 

The type of paper you choose really does make a difference to the overall taste, burn and experience when smoking. There are now many different papers to choose from – including raw, organic hemp papers sourced sustainably with no additives or dyes. You may prefer to start with something similar to what you’ve been used to previously, standard white rolling papers.

2/ Choose a tobacco

One of the best things about rolling your own cigarettes is the huge choice of tobacco available. There are several to choose from behind the counter – but go into a specialist tobacco shop and you’ll find many different types and flavours. There is also a good variety of herbal alternatives available for those who are trying to cut down on their nicotine or tobacco intake. When you roll your own, you’re free to choose what you smoke and how often, crafting your own perfect ratio or personal blend.

3/ Construction 

Laying the paper on a flat, hard surface, add tobacco in the centre of the crease, using a visual guide to get the right amount for you. It’s easy to underestimate or be overzealous with the serving size of tobacco – but remember that practice makes perfect! Once you have enough tobacco, add a roach or filter in at one end. Grab the paper at both ends, then with your thumbs start to make a rolling

motion over the tobacco until it forms a log shape. Be gentle at this stage but firm as you roll to ensure a tight cigarette without crumpling the paper. Once the tobacco has been shaped and holds its shape you can lick the top strip of the paper and start to firm down one side, rolling and tightening as you go.

4/ Finishing

Once the cigarette has been loosely rolled and secured you can finish it off, straightening it, cutting its length or pushing the tobacco down further to ensure it is perfect.

Why not save precious time and money…? 

Whether you’re a seasoned roller or are new to rolling your own (especially if you’re new to rolling your own), our collection of luxury smoking products can save you heaps of time and money. Rolling a cigarette is easy and fast with our Rolling Machine – even for beginners. Getting the hang of rolling can take weeks, months – sometimes years to get it just right. With our sophisticated Rolling Machine you can skip the frustration and fiddling and easily make perfect cigarettes whilst still saving money and maintaining total freedom of choice. Simply dump the tobacco in, close it and feed in any standard rolling paper of your choosing. It takes no skill or special tubed papers, and you get a perfect cigarette made with your favourite tobacco every time! Shop now with 20% off.

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