Four fantastic health benefits of rolling your own

Four fantastic health benefits of rolling your own

January 14, 2020

Health is a major focus for many of us in the new year as we vow to make meaningful changes in our lives. For smokers the obvious choice is to quit smoking – but actually making the switch to roll-up cigarettes can greatly enhance your health and help you stick to your new year goals.

Cut back at your own pace

Standard cigarettes come in pretty much one size – so if you currently smoke six per day you’re consuming a very specific amount of tobacco. When you roll your own with our AXIS Rolling Machine, you can personalise and adjust the amount of tobacco you’re smoking – because you’re free to roll any size you wish. Our Rolling Machine allows you to roll the perfect shape and size without restrictions or expensive one-size rolling tubes.

Also, our AXIS airtight Carrying Case allows you to put out your cigarette after one or two puffs, saving the rest for later. When you try to put out your cigarette using an ashtray, the end gets mangled. In the AXIS airtight Carrying Case it goes out quickly and is ready to re-light whenever you want to take another few puffs. You’ll smoke less and enjoy it more. 

Try tobacco alternatives

Tobacco alternatives offer a healthier way to invest in your health this new year. Some psychologists suggest that it isn’t only the nicotine in cigarettes that is addictive…it’s actually the habit of regular cigarette breaks that can be calming and comforting. When people stop smoking or swap cigarettes for patches and gum they miss the daily routine, along with the social aspect of cigarette breaks at work or with friends. Replacing these with the feeling and physicality of smoking, with healthier types of tobacco, can help smokers to cut down or enjoy a healthier habit. When you roll your own special tobacco, you know exactly what is in your cigarette. You never really know what chemicals are actually in your commercially purchased cigarettes.

Reduce irritation with cooler smoke 

Cigarette smoke can irritate the mucus membranes and soft tissue in the mouth, oesophagus and lungs. This is especially true the further down the cigarette you get, as the smoke gets hotter as the lit end gets closer. This irritation can manifest as sores in the mouth, or a persistent cough. Rolling your own and using a Patented AXIS Roach Clip can combat this easily – extending the space between you and the smoke, cooling the smoke and enabling you to enjoy every last millimetre of your cigarette. You also won’t waste any of your expensive tobacco.

Fresher for longer

The AXIS Carry Case ensures that you can roll in advance and enjoy fresh tobacco. Tobacco can be kept fresh for long periods of time provided it is kept in a properly sealed container. Unfortunately once you open a commercial cigarette package, the cigarettes can quickly go stale, especially if you are saving them for later. Dried out tobacco of any kind burns faster and the smoke becomes harsh. Having a portable container on hand is a fantastic solution. It ensures that you can keep the tobacco fresher for longer, for a cleaner, more enjoyable smoke.

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