Beauty and sophistication – smoking with style

Beauty and sophistication – smoking with style

September 18, 2019

We talk a lot on the blog about how our products work – what they do, and why that’s so special. But we rarely focus on how they look.

When AXIS founder Peter first put together the prototypes of our products, his focus was on functionality and style in equal measure. In today’s blog we explain the importance of aesthetics and our thinking behind the now iconic design of the AXIS rolling machine and roach clip.

Classic yet contemporary

Our style draws on a timeless aesthetic which still stands the test of time, modelled on a classic design so that it could be placed in any eraarea. Unisex, suitable for all home environments – we wanted to create something that appealed to all smokers. Elegance is key, as is functionality – our look is traditional with a contemporary twist.  The Rolling Machine and Large Preparation Tray even have green felt on the bottom to protect your fine furniture.

Black and gold

One of the first things you notice about our products is their dynamic colour duo. Both are made from solid polished brass, with sophisticated black or silver features. This classic combination looks great anywhere – on your desk in the study, sitting pretty on the coffee table, or even on the bedside. The rolling machine was created as a permanent, static fixture in the home – its heavy construction makes it ideal as a focal point and decorative piece rather than something to take out and about when you’re on the go.

Easy clean – better look

Our products are also designed to be easy to clean – further enhancing their aesthetic as time goes on. Many cigarette rolling machines in particular are incredibly difficult to keep clean. They require constant cleaning and maintenance (usually after each use) with special materials to keep them looking great and functioning properly. This is where the AXIS machine is different. Founder Peter felt frustrated with the lack of decent, convenient alternatives on the market, creating his own model which doesn’t require special equipment or cleaning solutions to maintain. The AXIS machine also requires very little regular cleaning – making it quicker and easier than ever before to own a rolling machine.










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