Four fantastic benefits of the AXIS Cigarette Case

Four fantastic benefits of the AXIS Cigarette Case

July 29, 2019

Roll-up cigarette kit is a notoriously poor traveller. A fat packet of tobacco which often spills and makes a mess. Papers that crumple and crease. Filters that tumble out onto the floor through an opening in the packet. What if there was an easier way to travel with roll-up cigarettes? What if you could prepare them in advance and store them safely and securely (not behind your ear or in your pocket!)? Today we’ll be exploring the deeper benefits of our carry case – since it’s often overlooked in favour of the clip itself. Read on to discover just some of the fantastic benefits of our one-of-a-kind carry case.

Look and feel good

With its sleek, sophisticated design, the AXIS carry case perfectly suits any style or gender. It’s discreet and understated, small enough to slip into pockets or purses. The case fits two cigarettes and our patented AXIS Clip, although you can of course use it however you wish.

Convenience, protection and freshness

Portable and pocket-sized, the AXIS case offers unrivalled convenience. Preparing your roll-ups in advance saves time and hassle throughout the day – but the AXIS case goes a step further. Thanks to its airtight composition the case keeps your cigarettes as fresh as the moment they were rolled, for an enhanced smoking experience. They are also fully protected within the case – so no crumpling, snapping, breaking or bending.

Travel light and easy

Rolling up is the preference of over half of America’s smokers – but it’s not always easy on the go. You’re busy, you’re short on time, you only have one pocket – tobacco is spilling out on the floor, you’re down to your last paper. Our carry case makes light work of rolling up on the go – either store tobacco in the case for later or make up several cigarettes in advance to keep you going when you’re out and about.

Added features designed with you in mind

The design of the AXIS carry case has been carefully thought out at every turn. Designed by a smoker for smokers, the insight and inspiration that comes with experience can be found in every aspect of its composition. The case is flexible enough to be used however you wish – whether you choose to store several cigarettes or some tobacco for later. One of our favourite features is its airtight ability – enabling you to pop in a lit cigarette and close, instantly putting it out so that you can save the rest for later with absolutely no waste, mess or fuss.

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