Three ways the AXIS Clip and Case will make your life easier

Three ways the AXIS Clip and Case will make your life easier

December 16, 2019

As the pace of modern life continues to speed up, we’re all looking for ways to make our day-to-day easier and simpler. Add to that a growing need for sustainability and wellness and it’s clear to see why trends are shifting towards Christmas gifts that truly enhance and improve our lives. Our luxury smoking products have been designed to give the gift of more time, better health and an easier existence. Here we share a few reasons why AXIS products make the perfect gift this Christmas.

No waste, less expense

The AXIS Carry Case is more than just a transportation device for your lovingly rolled cigarettes. It also keeps them fresh and saves you time. Rolling up in advance eliminates the need to buy pre-rolled cigarettes – also shaving dollars off your weekly smoking spend. Also, the Carrying Case is so airtight, you can put a lit cigarette in it and it will go out, so you can save it and smoke more of it later. With the Roach Clip and Carry Case combo you can use 100% of expensive tobacco with no waste.

A healthier, cooler inhale

In times gone by cigarette holders were incredibly popular, most especially amongst the elite. But over time as fashion has become more relaxed the cigarette holder became lost to the sands of time. Lost with them were the multiple advantages they offered for smokers – in particular the cooling of smoke, lengthening the enjoyment of the cigarette by default. Studies have shown that the last few millimetres of a cigarette are the most potent – yet often this is the portion that is discarded and wasted as it becomes too hot to hold or touch the lips. And so the Roach Clip is making a comeback…enabling you to enjoy every last puff of your cigarette without discomfort. There are several advantages to this. Economically speaking you save money and over time reduce your impact on the environment, since you are throwing away significantly less tobacco. Where your health is concerned the cooler smoke reduces irritation of mucus membranes in the mouth, lungs and oesophagus, making for a more pleasurable and less irritating experience.

Smoke anywhere, anytime

The AXIS Roach Clip is a highly versatile product. Not only does it enable you to enjoy your cigarette to the full (without burnt lips and scorched lungs), it also enables you to smoke even if your hands are wet or dirty. This is perfect for the people you know who are always on the go – or work in jobs where time is often tight but hands aren’t always clean or dry enough when a cigarette break presents itself. You can also, if needed, hide the cigarette in your hand – holding the clip in a certain way ensures no-one can see you are smoking. 

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