Four features that make AXIS products unique

Four features that make AXIS products unique

June 20, 2019

By now you may already know that AXIS smoking products are unique. But why? Here we delve deeper into the features of AXIS products and explain what exactly it is that makes them stand out from the rest.

Designed by a smoker, for smokers

Our innovative AXIS products fulfil a niche in the market – but originally, they were created by AXIS founder Peter for himself. He wanted a rolling machine that allowed him to make rolling simpler, easier, more pleasurable - something which also looked great around the house. Only someone who smokes themselves could appreciate the issues that were common with many other rolling machines. After all, the purpose of a rolling machine is to make life easier – and the AXIS aims to do just that. Our roach clip is also designed to be different, offering an easy and stylish way to get the most out of each and every cigarette.

Fully flexible, designed to fit in with you

The most common frustration with existing rolling machines (and possibly the reason that they aren’t as popular or prolific as they should be) is the lack of flexibility they are famed for. Most rolling machines are a little clumsy and clunky because they require lots of extra equipment to operate. Yes, they allow for automatic rolling, yes they save on time – but they are often completely inflexible and therefore impractical. Most require expensive tubes for different sized cigarettes, as well as other types of extensions and add-ons. AXIS rolling machines enable you to roll your cigarette however you wish, without restrictions or complications.

Aesthetically pleasing smoking accessories

Rolling machines have an unfair reputation as ugly and unsightly. Exclusively functional, they aren’t the kind of thing you could keep out on your desk or coffee table or show off to guests. AXIS products are different. We created our rolling machine with aesthetics in mind, cast in boldly beautiful brass with smart black fixtures. It is heavy and well made, so it’s designed to sit proudly in the home, taking centre stage along with other ornaments and decorations. The brass roach clip is made with intricate geometrical elegance, a stunning accessory for any smoker.

Made to last

Some smoking products are flimsy and brittle – whilst they may be effective for a short while they won’t stand the test of time. Often made from plastic or other materials, they are not only unsightly, they are also likely to break or stop working over time. AXIS products are built to last – with super-strong, durable brass fixtures. They can also easily be polished up and maintained with very little mess or fuss.

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