How do cigarette rolling machines work?

How do cigarette rolling machines work?

April 25, 2019

Cigarettes have been smoked for hundreds of years – thousands when you consider the herbal blends smoked by indigenous tribes worldwide. But rolling machines, apparatus designed to make skinning up easier, have only been around for less than a quarter of a century.

For this reason many seasoned smokers are still new to the concept of a rolling machine. So how do they work, and how do they make life easier for people who prefer to roll their own cigarettes?

What is a cigarette rolling machine?

This is a sensible place to start this blog – since many people still hand roll their cigarettes not knowing there’s an easier option out there. Rolling machines have actually been around for a number of years – but only now are they becoming a popular smoking accessory.

Rolling machines work by rolling a cigarette for you, either manually or using an electric mechanism. There are roughly two types of rolling machines – known as ‘cigarette rollers’ and ‘cigarette rolling machines’. The main difference between the two is size and manner of operation. A cigarette roller tends to be small and compact, requiring greater input from you to achieve the finished article. Rolling machines are larger in size – but tend to be compact and portable all the same. Manual and electric models are available – both make rolling cigarettes a much quicker and easier process. Predominantly rolling machines use cigarette tubes, but this can be restrictive – we’ll explain why later on in this article.

Are all cigarette rolling machines made the same?

The short answer to this is no. Traditionally rolling machines vary greatly in their composition and operation style. Aside from the differences between the two main types of machine, each make and model has unique characteristics too. The main focus when shopping for a rolling machine is finding something that suits you and your requirements. Is portability your priority – or would you prefer something larger but more efficient to keep at home? Bear these things in mind when shopping around.

We designed the AXIS to offer the best of both worlds – after spotting gaps in the market for something that fulfilled a range of requirements for smokers. Our model is small enough to carry with you, yet fast, efficient and easy to use.

What different types of rolling machines are available?

There are a number of different styles of cigarette rolling machines within the categories mentioned above. Some are designed to use common rolling papers, but many require a pre-made tube, which has many drawbacks.  First, you have to buy the expensive tubes, but then those tubes determine the size of the cigarette you roll.  If you prefer thinner cigarettes or thicker cigarettes, you're out of luck.  The other kinds that use ordinary rolling papers are not nice looking and certainly not a display piece in your home. 

How does the AXIS Rolling Machine work?

The AXIS Rolling Machine is truly unique in its style of operation. Simply add the paper and tobacco (or other herbal filling) and allow the AXIS to perfectly and effortlessly roll up for you. Only the AXIS comes with two preparation trays, to keep your rolling area clean and neat. With the AXIS you can also roll a cigarette with a recess in one end, to fit either a filter or an AXIS 2000 Roach Clip. You can find more information about our Roach Clip design here.



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