How to clean a cigarette rolling machine

How to clean a cigarette rolling machine

April 16, 2019

Cigarette rolling machines have consistently revolutionised the way we hand-roll cigarettes over the years. The AXIS in particular has been designed as a ground-breaking alternative both to existing models and hand-rolling cigarettes. But how do you keep a cigarette rolling machine clean – and how often should you take time out to maintain it?

Does a cigarette rolling machine need to be cleaned?

The answer to this question depends on which make and model of cigarette rolling machine you have. Some machines easily gather dirt, dust and debris – so they need to be cleaned quite frequently. We have field tested the AXIS Rolling Machine every day for over two years. In this time it has shown no sign of wear or need for cleaning. For most people busy lifestyles make frequent cleaning inconvenient – so opting for an easy-clean, low-maintenance machine is a must.

How often should I clean my cigarette rolling machine?

If you have an AXIS Rolling Machine you only need to clean as and when you see a requirement for it. For other machines it’s a good idea to schedule a thorough clean on a regular basis, to keep on top of dirt and debris which can build up over time. Certain tobaccos, herbs and substances can cause residue to build which can be sticky or stubborn to remove – so keeping on top of maintenance in this way ensures your machine will remain in good condition for longer.

What’s the best way to clean an AXIS cigarette rolling machine?

Since the AXIS Rolling Machine and Preparation Trays are made of solid brass, if they do need cleaning, a soft cloth or paper towel with a little alcohol will clean them quickly and easily. Less is more – take care not to use too much product. Brass and other metals have a tendency to tarnish as the years go by – and the AXIS Rolling Machine is designed to be long-lasting. Any type of brass polish or cleaner will bring back the original bright brass lustre to both the machine and trays if they do tarnish over time.































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