How to use a cigarette rolling machine

How to use a cigarette rolling machine

May 14, 2019

The Revolutionary Rolling Machine from AXIS makes it simple and easy to roll a perfect cigarette, even for beginners. Our focus when designing and developing the rolling machine was user-friendliness – followed by efficiency, convenience and beauty. Here we share the super easy six step process to rolling a perfect cigarette every time.

1/ Decide how and what you’re going to roll

We created the AXIS to be fully flexible so that you can use it however you wish. You can roll thick or thin or even tapered cigarettes. However you decide to roll, the common starting point is choosing what kind of tobacco or other substance you want to smoke. Some people smoke flavoured tobacco, Native American herbs or medicinal products, for example.

2/ Lift and fill the rolling machine

Lifting the knobs forward on each side will bring the front roller to the open position. You can now place your tobacco of choice into in to the well between the two rollers. Distribute evenly, and be sure to keep it away from the small brass projection on the right-hand side. This projection creates space for a filter or the AXIS roach clip after rolling.

3/ Close and roll

Lift the knobs up and over to drop the rollers back into the closed position. Using your fingers roll the webbing only by pushing the front roller downwards. It will take a few turns – only use your fingers on the webbing at this point, as the knobs only serve to open and close the rollers. Note: both rollers turn in the same direction.

4/ Add paper

Take a standard rolling paper with the glued-up edge facing towards you and insert it into the space between the two rollers. Push it down as far as it will go. 5/ Roll again Slowly roll the webbing, just as before (both rollers in the same direction). You’ll see the machine draw the paper into the rollers until there’s only a small amount sticking out. This is the bit with the glue on it – so be sure to wet it now if you haven’t already.

6/ Remove your ready-to-go roll-up

Once glue is wet continue rolling as before, pushing downward on the front roller just a few more times. Wait a few moments for the glue to dry. Once that’s done you can remove your perfectly rolled cigarette by lifting the knobs and rolling the machine to the open position. Carefully stretch the left side of the webbing so that the left side of the cigarette comes out – gently grab it and pull it off the brass projection.

This our most the simple and easy rolling method – but it’s also our most basic guide. Once you become familiar with using the machine you can tailor your cigarettes to your liking. For example, pulling slightly on the back roller will create a tighter cigarette, packing the tobacco in more closely. You can add filters, play around with the amount of tobacco you fill it with and really get to grips with the machine’s flexible capabilities.

To find out more about the AXIS Rolling Machine or purchase today, check out the product specifications here. There is also a detailed Instructional Video on our Website:

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