Introducing the AXIS Clip & Case

Introducing the AXIS Clip & Case

July 14, 2019

Here at AXIS we pride ourselves on being innovators in the smoking industry – creating products that make life easier and more convenient for smokers. Created by a smoker, for smokers. Unique, inspired products invented with your smoking experience in mind. Our US patented Clip & Case combo is an essential accessory for smokers everywhere. Here we introduce one of our most iconic and favourite products and explain what it is, how it works and why you need it.

The smoking accessory you didn’t know you needed

Smoking as a discipline has been around for over one thousand years. Smokers can be roughly divided into two groups – those who buy ready-rolled cigarettes, and those who roll their own. As tobacco prices rise more of us are turning towards rolling up rather than coughing up for expensive pre-rolled packs. Several years ago AXIS founder and inventor Peter spotted a niche in the market for products that made life easier for roll-up smokers. Originally he created the AXIS products you see today for himself – but soon found that they could benefit others, too. The AXIS Clip and Case is truly revolutionary – designed with your comfort and convenience in mind.

Easy to use, easy to maintain

At AXIS we’re all about ease of use and convenience. After all, what’s the point of creating a product that solves one problem, but creates another? Both the clip and case are incredibly easy to use, and simple to clean and maintain. The clip comes with a cleaning rod which quickly and effectively clears any dirt and debris to keep it in tip top condition.

Use anywhere, anytime

One of the best features of our clip is its versatility. Smoking is the kind of activity you can usually only enjoy in certain environments. But thanks to the AXIS Clip you can easily light up anywhere - even in a pool or the ocean, as the extension prevents the end of the cigarette from getting wet.

A healthier, happier smoking experience each time

Because the Clip cools the smoke, it's easier on the tissues of your mouth and lungs, you won't cough as much and causes less irritation of those tender areas.

Make the most of every single cigarette

It has been scientifically proven that the last puffs of a cigarette contain as much as 3 times the active ingredients of the tobacco, see the "Puff Test" information on our website, ( So by not smoking the last bit of tobacco you are not only wasting that tobacco, but it is the best and strongest part that you're wasting.

Convenience and cost-effectiveness

The AXIS Clip and Case combination is not only convenient – it is also cost-effective. The clip itself fits perfectly into the case and has several functions – two of which (the ability to cool smoke as it passes through, and the lengthening function of the clip) enable you to use every last bit of tobacco. This is not only convenient – it is also incredibly cost-effective. Imagine how much tobacco is wasted each day, each month in each discarded cigarette end. It may seem like a small amount, but that small amount naturally adds up exponentially over time. Say the value of that small clump of tobacco is several cents, say five – over the course of a year that’s over $100 for smokers who consume just 6 cigarettes per day. There’s also the eco-friendly element of minimising wastage and maximising each and every cigarette. As environmental crises are declared worldwide, many of us are becoming more mindful about the products we consume and how they are made, used and discarded. Getting the most out of every cigarette and therefore reducing wastage can only be a good thing from an environmental perspective. Lastly, the enjoyment of the cigarette is extended. You get more out of each smoke – more enjoyment, a more fulfilling experience. And that can only be a good thing!

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