Our thanksgiving edit – a gift guide for smokers

Our thanksgiving edit – a gift guide for smokers

November 15, 2019

We all have those extravagances and wish list items we’d love to treat ourselves to but never do – life’s little luxuries. So when someone else reads your mind and gets you that gift you always wanted, but never thought to buy for yourself… it’s an awesome feeling, right?

 Smokers in particular can be hard to buy for – since most people would assume that there’s not much in the gift department where smoking is concerned. But our beautifully made selection of smoking accessories make perfect gifts – unique, useful and unisex.

Beautifully made, built to last

During holiday season it can be so hard to steer clear of throwaway gifts that have little sentiment or thought attached to them – trinkets that aren’t useful (or even beautiful, sometimes). As a society we are moving away from purchasing cheap, disposable and dispensable gifts and instead gravitating towards finely made, carefully constructed, quality items that are made to last. The awareness surrounding the environmental damage caused by our throwaway society and the effect of plastics and other cheaper, commonly used materials has turned people off from thoughtlessly picking up a mass-produced product.

 At AXIS we are patently aware of the issues we face when it comes to preserving the environment we live in. We use the finest quality materials and manufacture out products with care right here in the USA.

Because AXIS products are made from the finest quality brass and stainless steel, your gift will last a lifetime and will be forever a reminder of your love for that person, every time they use it.

Because of the rich beauty of all our AXIS products, your loved one will know that you went to great expense to give them something of high value. You can find out more about the composition and quality of AXIS products here.

A gift they’ll be truly thankful for

Luxury smoking products are truly life-enhancing – they’re what every smoker wants, but they’re not the type of thing someone might treat themselves to. At AXIS we believe this is one of the main ingredients of a ‘good gift’ – that wonderful feeling you get when someone just ‘gets’ you.

The perfect time to purchase… 

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