Smoking – expectation vs reality

Smoking – expectation vs reality

October 29, 2019

As smokers we all have expectations of how things will go every time we roll up, and light up. But often our vision of how things will be doesn’t match how things really are! Here we share some of the most common bugbears of smokers and some simple solutions to make rolling up easier and more enjoyable.

Saving it for later vs putting it out 

We don’t always have the luxury of time to smoke a full cigarette – so it’s handy to know that you can put it out and save the rest for later. But saving it for later is easier said than done…often it doesn’t go out properly, or you stub it and end up losing half the tobacco…not what you had in mind. Luckily it’s easy to save the end of a cigarette thanks to our handy carry case…simply place the lit cigarette in the case and close – the airtight container extinguishes and keeps the remaining cigarette fresh.

Wanting to smoke the last bit vs burning your fingers on the stub 

Whether you’re saving the pennies or want to get the most out of your cigarette (find out why the very last few millimetres are the most potenthere) – getting to the bottom of things is not always easy – or possible. The end of a cigarette is also the hottest part – so it’s easy to burn your fingers (or worse, your lips) as you try and eek out the final few puffs.

 Our easy to use roach clip allows you to get the most out of each and every cigarette – thanks to its natural cooling technology and physical extension between your fingers, mouth and the heat.

Smoking in the pool looking cool vs soggy cigarettes that won’t smoke properly

Most people know that fire and water don’t mix so well – and cigarettes are no different. Anywhere around water for that matter…by the pool, out in the rain, on the beach, fishing…the list of scenarios is endless. Our roach clip allows you to smoke even with wet fingers – so no more slipping, sliding and soggy paper. It’s also great for grubby hands on breaks from dirty jobs.

Rolling up easily vs fiddling and struggling with papers and tobacco

It’s cost-effective, environmentally friendly and some say a better smoking experience - but it’s not always quick and easy to roll your own, especially for beginners. Thankfully our unique Rolling Machine makes it simple and stress-free. It’s also a fantastic option for people who struggle to roll due to Arthritis or Parkinson’s.

Rolling up in advance vs squashed cigs

Rolling up has its advantages and disadvantages – one of the main downsides is the time it can take to roll when you may only have a few seconds to light up. Thanks to our Carry Case you can easily roll up and save some for later – its airtight design will keep them fresh and protect them from getting squashed in your pocket or bag.






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