4 reasons to make the switch to roll-up cigarettes

4 reasons to make the switch to roll-up cigarettes

August 29, 2019

More and more smokers are making the switch to roll-up cigarettes – and with AXIS innovative smoking products it’s easier than ever before to ditch commercial brands and do it yourself. Here we share just four of the main benefits of roll-up cigarettes.  


Number one – you get to save money, and a lot of it. Just a few dollars here or there can add up significantly over time, especially if you are a regular smoker. Readymade cigarettes are sometimes over 100% more expensive per item than their home-made alternatives.

Total control

 Commercial cigarettes tend to be ‘one size fits all’ – but that’s not reflective of their consumers, who are individuals with different tastes and needs. Rolling up allows you to choose a specific size and weight depending on your preferences but also different circumstances. Only got time for a quick smoke? You can roll a short, small one. This also reduces wastage, adding to the cost-effectiveness of skinning up as opposed to smoking readymade cigarettes.

 A healthier alternative

Control over ‘portion size’ also extends to greater choice when it comes to whatyou smoke, as well as how much.

The difference between certain brands of cigarettes and roll-ups can be loosely compared to the disparity between junk food and a home-cooked meal. Essentially many brands use lower quality tobacco, or tobacco filled with toxic chemicals and additional materials. But when you roll your own you can actively research and choose a pure, organic tobacco brand – or ditch the tobacco altogether.

Studies have also shown that whilst tobacco was once the principal smoking material of choice, there are now other alternative products on the market that are increasing in popularity. Most of these are herbal preparations, some made traditionally by indigenous tribes, others specifically formulated for various ‘benefits.’ Many people are now turning away from tobacco amid concerns for health and choosing ‘non-toxic’ alternatives. It’s important to note that there is insufficient research as of yet on the real ‘health benefits’ of these materials and whether they are in fact better for you than tobacco, but the fact remains that it’s highly unlikely you’ll see them on shelves anytime soon. Smoking roll-ups allows you to choose what material you smoke, unhindered by the monopoly of tobacco and lack of choice offered by commercial cigarette companies. 


Commercial cigarettes are notoriously bad for the environment. They are usually made with toxic, harmful chemicals – with packaging wrapped in plastic. When discarded they end up everywhere; one of the most unsanitary and unsightly forms of litter. Roll-up cigarette smokers naturally contribute less to the issue of environmental degradation. Fewer chemicals + less plastic = better for everyone.


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