Surprising benefits of the AXIS Roach Clip

Surprising benefits of the AXIS Roach Clip

August 23, 2019

Roach clips are a relatively new thing on the contemporary smoking scene – but in the not too distant past variations on this theme were incredibly popular. As smoking devices were replaced in favour of disposable filters and roaches the old smoking devices of days gone by fell back into obscurity. We designed our roach clip with smoking experience in mind – but now environmental factors and the rise in tobacco prices has increased demand for them. In this blog we’ll be going into more depth on the subject, sharing some of the key benefits of using our patented roach clip design.

Acing the ‘puff test’

We often refer to the ‘puff test’ in our marketing literature, but what exactly is it, and what does it mean for smokers? Essentially the ‘puff test’ measures levels of active ingredients inhaled during a smoking session. Most smokers already know that the last few puffs of a cigarette taste more potent, more intense. Now scientific research backs this up, with studies showing that the amount of nicotine increases puff by puff to about three times the concentration from the first inhale to the last. Experts estimate that by the same laws of physics all smoking material would behave in a similar (if not identical) fashion, offering much higher intensity towards the end of the cigarette. So where does the roach clip come into play? By physically extending the cigarette itself it allows smokers to enjoy every last millimetre, thanks to its cooling capabilities.

The benefits of smoke cooling

The design of our roach clip naturally lends itself to allowing smoke directly emanating from the cigarette to cool before it enters the mouth. It essentially acts as an extension to the cigarette itself, with its hollow structure offering airspace for hot smoke to cool within. This isn’t so much of an issue when you begin to smoke a cigarette – but as any smoker will know, towards the end they are often too hot to handle. This prevents smokers from enjoying what studies have now proven is the most potent portion of the cigarette. A roach clip solves this issue beautifully and easily, providing better value for money and enhanced smoking experience in the process. Cooler smoke means you can still enjoy your cigarette right to the very end, but it also has additional benefits. Notably cooler smoke causes reduced irritation to mucus membranes within the mouth and throat, making the smoking experience more comfortable and enjoyable.

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