The next big thing - made in America

The next big thing - made in America

October 22, 2019

You may or may not know that AXIS products are made in America. In a world of corporate conglomerates, it’s rare to find artisan brands investing in craftsmanship and quality through homegrown manufacturing processes. Here we explain why we’re made in America – and always will be.

A US-based business with a unique manufacturing process

Originally we decided to keep the manufacture of our products close to home for logistical reasons. But we are also passionate about it. AXIS inventor and founder Peter says, “I chose to manufacture in the US because I am in the US and I designed and built all the machines needed to manufacture the AXIS products.  I believe in manufacturing all my products myself so that I can personally control the quality and have direct control of the cost of manufacturing.”

Complete quality control

You’ll find that many commercial brands have their products made abroad to keep costs low and maximise profits. But when you give away this part of the process you lose a lot of control over how the finished product is composed and finished, which to us is incredibly important. This is our way of maintaining impeccably high quality, which also translates to long-lasting, robust products that stand the test of time.

Made in America, built to last

Just as we want our brand to stick around for a long time, we want our products to last too. Many similar products on the market can be flimsy and break easily – they’re throwaway items, cheaply made and mass-produced. As consumers are collectively becoming more conscious of the negative impact of their choices on the environment and making things that will soon be thrown away hurts all of us. This is guiding a shift towards a more thoughtful purchasing process – which ties in perfectly with our philosophy of keeping things local and well made.
































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