Why use a roach clip?

Why use a roach clip?

March 23, 2019

One of the most commonly asked questions we receive here at Axis concerns the benefits of roach clips. A relatively new concept, the roach clip is set to revolutionise smoking for new and seasoned smokers. Our product features a unique, patented design to make sure you get the most out of every single cigarette. So why use a roach clip? Read on to learn more about how this small yet innovative and influential product can change the way you smoke forever.

Reduce waste, save money

Most people want to try and get the most out of their cigarette – but there’s only so far you can go before you begin to burn your fingers. Using a roach clip ensures that you can smoke every last millimetre, using 100% of the tobacco with absolutely no waste. This is good news for savvy smokers who want to save money, since over time that wasted tobacco adds up.

Maximum comfort, minimum fuss

When you breathe in smoke from a lit cigarette it is inevitably hot – which isn’t so much of a problem initially as you first light up. It’s when you near the end that smoke temperature becomes an issue – when heat from the smoke and the tobacco within the cigarette itself can burn you. An AXIS roach clip cools the smoke, since it has longer to travel until it reaches your lips. This also means your cigarette won’t burn your fingers as you try to eke out the very last few drags.

Low profile convenience

A roach clip is a must-have accessory for social smokers, as it makes cigarettes easier to pass to friends. Due to its solid structure it rests firmly on an ash tray – so no slips or spills. It’s also discreet. You can easily conceal that you're smoking provided it is held in your hand properly – a skill that can be mastered easily! Want to learn more about the benefits of roach clips? Discover our unique smoking products today.

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