Our 3 favourite ways to roll a cigarette

Our 3 favourite ways to roll a cigarette

June 27, 2019

One of our favourite features of the AXIS rolling machine? Flexibility. We designed the AXIS to cater to every kind of smoker – whether you like yours skinny, tapered, chunky, long or short. Using a rolling machine cuts down on time and effort for seasoned smokers – but for those new to rolling it allows you to roll well without difficulty but also get a little bit creative with how you roll. In this blog we share three of our favourite ways to roll a cigarette. These rolling styles and techniques can only be rolled on an AXIS machine, as many others simply don’t offer the flexibility and capability to do so. Because there is no need for tubes, the choice of length, thickness and overall size is yours! There is also no need for pre-glued rolling paper – with the AXIS you choose your paper and style with ease. To discover how to use the AXIS rolling machine check out our comprehensive blog here.

Tight and skinny (only on AXIS)

Tight, skinny cigarettes have been favoured for years – especially for those who want a quick smoke or smoke a large number of cigarettes throughout the day. Most commonly hand-rolled cigarettes are smaller and slimmer than commercial cigarettes. You want to make sure you have just enough tobacco for a tightly rolled cigarette, otherwise it will be too flimsy to smoke properly. Simply roll the cigarette as normal as per our standard instructions, adding a smaller amount of tobacco than usual. If you’re new to it this may take a little trial and error to get the perfect amount of tobacco.

Thick and chunky (only on AXIS)

Thicker hand-rolled cigarettes are rare, but they’re no problem for the AXIS rolling machine. Simply add more tobacco than usual and roll as normal. Just like the skinny roll-up you may find that this method takes a little trial and error – add too much tobacco, and you may find that the paper doesn’t fully cover itself and the cigarette falls apart.

Tapered (Only on AXIS)

Thin at the roach end, opening out smoothly to a thicker conclusion. Tapered cigarettes are much more popular these days, possibly because the amount you smoke lessens as you finish. To roll a tapered cigarette simply distribute more tobacco towards the opposite end of the roach, evenly spreading the rest to ensure a smooth taper all the way to the top. Then roll as normal.

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